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Synthesiser Modulation using Logic Pro X and the EXS24 sampler

The EXS24 instrument in Logic Pro X is a sophisticated sampler characterized by its extensive modulation control properties. You might have looked at this instrument and been confused about the huge array of settings you can make in the lower part of its visual interface. These settings relate to modulation, and we're going to discuss this aspect of synthesisers in this article, using the EXS24 as our example instrument. Ideally, you'll have Logic Pro X running, with a single track containing an EXS24 instrument so you can follow the article by practicing what we discuss. Set the patch to 'No Instrument' ('---') to get a plain sin wave that will allow you to compare modulation settings easily. Alternatively, you may want to choose a patch you're familiar with to hear comparison modulations. EXS24 Modulation Settings area The picture below shows you the modulation section of the EXS24 instrument, and this is what we'll be discussing: You can se

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